Don’t know where to start with your reading resolutions for 2014? Why not take to your Reading Bingo card? (via Reading Bingo Challenge 2014)


Don’t know where to start with your reading resolutions for 2014? Why not take to your Reading Bingo card? (via Reading Bingo Challenge 2014)

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A new Youtube channel to demystify the publishing business

One of the things that constantly crops up when I talk to writers – and I talk to a lot of writers – is that most of them have a pretty vague idea of how the publishing business works.

That’s not all that surprising. Publishers and agents are not necessarily the most forthcoming of people and can seem rather remote and unapproachable. Indeed the publishing business as a whole can seem like an arcane world with its own rules and language and one which is perhaps not all that welcoming of outsiders.

And of course it is not that all that complex – it is not simple, but the basis of the business is pretty straightforward. Which is why I have started a YouTube channel at devoted to demystifying aspects of the publishing business – what agents do, what publishers do etc etc.

I’m hopeful it is something people will find useful and it rather amazes me how little there is out there that is like this – it surprises me that more of my colleagues haven’t done something similar. But that’s a good thing. This is a great opportunity to reach large numbers of people and my hope is that by doing so I will be able to help writers navigate the sometimes trick waters of their writing careers.

So please do take a look – I have just posted another clip, this time talking about what publishers do and will be building my clips up over the coming weeks. I really hope you find it useful. I’d welcome feedback and suggestions and can be reached either by the comments page on YouTube or by my twitter @pblofeld.

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Inspiring Libraries In Unexpected Places

Libraries are awesome. The sharing of information and a free access to thought through books is invaluable to any place. Which is why libraries have popped up in some of the strangest places. From a forgotten cemetery to a burro’s back to a repurposed tank, these are three of the most unexpected libraries that are making real change in their communities. 

Read the inspiring story of these libraries in the most unexpected places, on Atlas Obscura…

I love the biblio-burro….!!

All these are amazing!

It’s a good opportunity to remember some that we’ve shared before.

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New favorite site: Corpus Libris, which applies the concept of analog augmented reality to book covers. Best thing since Sorted Books.

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Anne Frank was not alone: Holocaust diary of 14-year-old Rywka Lipszyc finds the light

What seems like a divine series of events has culminated in the publication of the Holocaust diary of a 14 year old girl.

Here’s what we know:

-When Rywka Lipszyc began her diary, she had lived in the Lodz ghetto for more than three years and had already lost both of her parents.

-her diary cover six months in the Lodz ghetto starting in 1943.

-Zinaida Berezovskaya, A Soviet Red Army doctor found the diary beside a crematorium at Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945.

- Berezovskaya kept the diary hidden in a closet in her home in Omsk (in southwestern Siberia) until her death in 1983.

-Her son kept it another 12 years until his death in Moscow in 1995.

-His daughter “found the diary wrapped with an explanatory cover note and an accompanying Russian newspaper article, with a photo from February 1945 showing the exact spot where the diary was found,” and took it back to San Francisco where she had immigrated to.

-She then wrote to the S.F.-based Holocaust Center of Northern California

-then the pros went to work. The diary “was exhaustively researched, authenticated and annotated. It took a team of historians, archivists and translators years to finalize the newly published book.”

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Read Around the World Project



I personally rarely read non-American, non-British writers, save for my Haruki Murakami books. Think about all the countries we know nothing about, how many times we say “Where is that?” If people right to tell their stories and the stories of others, then we are missing out on some many untold stories.  There are so many untold stories and I think people should know about them. 

I want to create a collection of writers from as many countries as possible. They can be well-known or underrated. They can be modern books or older, classic books. 

List of Countries


The Inspiration:

In 2012, Ann Morgan took on a project to read a book from every country in the world. She realized how she was  limiting herself as a reading by only reading mainly writers from American and the UK. 197 books later, Ann was introduced to writers and stories she would have thought existed. 

How Does it Work?

I will create a page that lists each country. The link will take you a page with the books from that country. Each book tagged under that country will get their own post. It will contain a short synopsis of the book. I will also provide ways to get their books (usually retailers online). 

You can submit books non-anon through my ask box (where it says “send it here”). When I make a post, I will also provide a link to your blog as a form of promotion. 

Please spread the word by reblogging this post and future posts related to the project!

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Raidersofthelostart aka Susan Hoerth - 1: The Land of Fairy Tales constructed from a book called Fairy Land dated 1923  2: Grimm’s Fairy Tales Altered Antique book Pop Up style  3: Repurposed Antique Altered Children’s Book Beauty And The Beast and Other Fairy Tales  4: Altered Art Book Autopsy- The Little Chief, 1879  5: Altered Book Autopsy Birds of A Feather    Altered Books                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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12 Books That End Mid-Sentence | PWxyz
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"Don’t be Shy" 


all the awards.

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Jungle Book by Yusuke Oono

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